Egypt to Block Adult Sites

unblock sex sites Censorship of the internet is a forgotten fear within every internet users mind. They may rarely think of it, but the second you mention it, wheels of panic begin to turn. Censorship of the internet? Isn’t that illegal? Not according to the Administrative Court in Cairo. A recent ruling has been issued banning pornographic websites from being viewed in Egypt entirely. The domains in violation of this ruling are now on a country wide block list consisting of all sex sites deemed “venomous and vile” .

“Letting these websites [operate] ruins moral values,” a news agency quoted the court as saying. “Freedoms of expression and public rights should be restricted by maintaining the fundamentals of religion, morality and patriotism.”

The great majority of internet users would disagree with the court ruling, however. Adult sites are a multi-billion dollar industry, growing in leaps and bounds each year. People enjoy internet sex, and look at viewing adult sites as a right they should be allowed to keep. Egypt internet censorship has never really been an issue, as Egypt is not a country that generally restricts access to the internet.

How to effectively go about unblocking porn sites within Egypt will undoubtedly gain recognition very soon. Logic dictates this through countless previous statistical studies of similar situations. Unrestricted internet access is priceless to countless individuals, and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides it no matter what the circumstance. A VPN keeps the internet users surfing anonymous through an encrypted connection.

So what is next as far as Egypt internet censorship? Who knows, but one thing is for sure. Breaking the proverbial ice, and allowing censorship of anything on the internet is nothing less than a historical moment. If they can restrict access to sex sites, will all questionable subject matters be subject to the same scrutiny in the courts?

Further analysis of this issue has leeds to the following conclusions. Their are strong supporting arguments for both sides of the controversy. On one hand you have the great majority of internet users in Egypt who simply want to have their internet access without any restrictions involved. Any type of censorship grabs their attention in a “What will be censored next?” sort of fashion. This could cause problems on its own, and cause new stress for the people in Egypt who use the Internet.

On the other hand, the law of nature would agree with ruling. Most people who visit sex sites would never have an honest chance with the women who are featured there. This takes away from people in reality who want and need real life support from others. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to take care of the less physically fortunate, when they can pay for the best attention in all the world? They wouldn’t, and perhaps this is the message the Administrative Court in Cairo was trying to convey with their ruling.

The almighty hand of God has delivered a devastating blow to the heart of flesh peddlers everywhere. But the question remains, was this censorship the right decision? Draw your own conclusions to this new controversy, and make yourself aware of any censorship laws existing in your place of origin.

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