Cyberroam with a VPN

Do you remember when you got your license to drive and the first car you owned? That has to be one of the most exciting periods of a person’s life. Nothing says real freedom like roaming on the open road. Using a VPN to cyberroam the Internet is a lot like that. You can visit any website you want without the fear of someone looking over your shoulder or tracking your activities. To cyberroam means to enjoy the Internet in complete freedom.

There are plenty of attempts these days to restrict or censor the Internet. Some governments don’t think you ought to be able to drive your cyber car into “cities” like Skype, WhatsApp, or even Twitter and Facebook. If looking at adult websites is your thing…and let’s all agree without judging that a whole lot of people do that…having an ISP peeking over your shoulder is like having your parents sit behind you at the movies when you’re on a date. It isn’t much fun at all. And what about watching your favorite Netflix shows when you are cyberroaming in another country? The providers of streaming media services aren’t too happy about that idea.

The lifestyle of someone that likes to cyberroam is one that includes thoughtful considerations of personal privacy. Most people like this believe that it is their choice what to view on the Internet and they don’t want or appreciate someone trying to make that decision for them. If they want to check out an online casino or research a controversial topic, then they should be able to do that without anxiety or fear.

This is the main reason people prefer to cyberroam with a VPN. Using a VPN gives them enhanced security by creating an encrypted tunnel that protects their data and affords them a measure of anonymity. To use the car example mentioned at the beginning of this article, think of the Internet as a vast network of roads to and from various destinations. That shouldn’t be too hard; it was once called the Information Super Highway! While you are out roaming around in your car on the highway you pass lots of other motorists going back and forth. You can see their car but you don’t have any way to know what song is playing on their radio, who they are talking to on their smartphone, or where they were before you passed them. Using a VPN is just like that. Your ISP can see you on the highway but that’s it. They don’t know where you are going or the place you just left.

Can you imagine how it would feel to have someone monitoring your every move each time you left home for a drive? That’s a scary thought to consider but the same thing is likely happening to you if you aren’t using a VPN to browse the Internet.

3 Steps to use VPN


Sign upBuy an affordable VPN account.


ConnectConfigure the VPN on your device.


Enjoy VPNEnjoy the benefits of a VPN today.

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Connect & Enjoy: Internet Freedom, Privacy & security. Purchase your VPN today!

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