Canada VPN helps Relatives Stay in Touch

canadian VPN The close proximity of Canada to the United States prompts many US residents to refer to Canada as “our neighbor to the north.” This concept is especially important given the number of indviduals who either work or have family living in Canada. For these individuals, having access to a Canada VPN and a Canada IP address is very beneficial.

For example, let’s say that a young Canadian is attending school in the US. They may want to retain access to their local television programming and news by using the CBC Player. In order to do that, they need a Canada VPN which will change their IP address to reflect that they are still at home. Their parents will also find it useful at times to have a US-based VPN so they can monitor local news where their child is living in the States.

This is just one example of the ways in which a Canada IP address can be useful. Those within the country can also benefit from using a VPN in order to maintain added security and anonymity while browsing the Internet. Thankfully, Canada is not known for censoring the Internet, so few websites are actively blocked. Even so, some US-based services still cannot be accessed once residents cross the Canadian border.

US-Canada Server Options

It should be apparent that multiple server options are important to many Canadians and US residents. There is so much traffic between the two countries, even on a daily basis. Many Canadians work each day in the US and return home at night, and vice versa. The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, less than a mile in length, is one of the fastest border crossings in the world. Many residents of both countries use it everyday to go to work.

With the recent bankruptcy of Detroit and the ongoing economic issues in that troubled city, more and more people are looking for employment in Canada. These individuals can benefit from multiple server options that will allow them to use different VPN servers in each country. Perhaps they need to check the traffic on the CBC Player before they head out to work, or maybe they want to watch Netflix on their lunch break. Having a VPN provider that offers both a US and Canadian-based server to choose from gives these individuals a lot more flexibility.

It is also important to remember that a Canada VPN can be used on a smartphone or tablet. Users on the go can avoid encountering blocks by configuring their device for a VPN. takes great pride in offering users numerous server options. You only need to buy one VPN account when you pruchase your service from us!

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