Can a VPN be Trusted?

All you need to do is browse the Internet for a few minutes and you will see that there are hundreds of VPN providers. We tend to think of VPNs as secure fortresses, but some providers have had weaknesses exposed. Some of them have even been hacked and had their entire networks compromised. All this leads to the question, can your VPN be trusted.

Trust is not the only factor that should be considered when it comes to picking a VPN. It could be the most important element, though. Many things fall under the umbrella of trustworthiness in a VPN. When a provider falls short in one area it often raises red flags in other areas.

Logging, Observing, and Constant Protection

There are three things most people want in a VPN that stand above other considerations. These are no logs, no monitoring activity, and protection that is always in force. The last of these is maybe the easiest to evaluate. Many trusted VPNs are now implementing a kill switch.

A kill switch is a feature that drops your connection to the Internet if your VPN connection is interrupted. Before the days of the kill switch, you could be browsing the Internet and never know that your VPN connection had been dropped. Unawares, you would continue to browse until the session was closed.

Logging is when a VPN provider maintains records of Internet activity. The danger here for the person concerned with privacy is that those logs could potentially be subpoenaed by legal authorities. If there are no logs that are being kept of your Internet activity, there is nothing that can be surrendered to anyone.

Finally, you should not have to worry about your VPN provider taking a look at what you are doing when you are online. No one needs to know your business. That is the entire point of a VPN. This goes hand in hand with not keeping any logs of your activity.

A Word of Caution and Reality About VPN Providers

Before we go any farther it is necessary to make an important point. No VPN provider is guaranteed to be beyond a hack or breach. No website can make that claim. Security breaches are an assumed risk when you use the Internet. So, if your provider has been the victim of a previous hack this does not automatically rule them out as trustworthy.

All you can do is be diligent in choosing a trusted VPN provider. If you follow the guidelines that we have offered, you will probably have more success in this regard.

Free, Good, or Trusted – Which VPN is Best?

Many people would tell you that you can get two of the three things above in a VPN. So, if you could only take two which ones would you pick? It seems like the obvious choice would be good and trusted.

Yes, this is our way of taking exception right now with many so-called free VPN providers. Many of these services are riddled with security issues. Some of them also sell user browsing information to advertisers, and why not? They have to make a living some how. On the surface a free VPN service may look appealing. The reality is that you may end up paying a price that you did not expect in the form of your data being stolen. Trusted is out the window when it comes to free VPN service.

As far as good is concerned, it really depends on your definition of the word. If good means having a lot of servers in several locations then you will find many VPNs that fit the bill. But, what good are all those VPN servers when you have massive downtime? How do more servers help you when the provider is keeping logs of all your data?

Good goes beyond the ability to keep a VPN network up and running. Good and trusted should go hand in hand with one another. The average VPN user would get far better results if they were able to prioritize security above other concerns.

Trustworthy VPN Checklist

When you sit down to choose a VPN provider, you should be methodical about the process. We suggest making a checklist of the following factors:

  • How long has the VPN provider been in business?
  • What is their record with security breaches or hacks?
  • Does the provider keep logs?
  • Does the VPN observe your activity?
  • Does the VPN have a kill switch?
  • Are there affordable price plans available?
  • Did you check customer reviews?

This is a basic list that you can add to when you are choosing your trustworthy VPN provider. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice servers and server locations when you are choosing a good provider. VPN Accounts has multiple servers in many locations, and we still rank as one of the most trustworthy providers around.

Don’t rush the process. Take your time when you are choosing the company that will provide your VPN. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. Most trusted VPNs will be happy to explain their service to you.

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