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Online gambling is a popular activity worldwide. One of the most recent online casinos to make waves is Roobet. This online gaming platform allows individuals to wager with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, Roobet is not available in all areas of the world. To play in the US and some other locations you will need to find the best VPN for Roobet.

It is possible to use a VPN to unblock Roobet in some situations. The casino does have measures in place to prevent some VPN use, and that is why a VPN for Roobet must be chosen with care. In this brief guide we will show you how to choose the right provider.

What is Roobet?

Roobet is an online casino platform that is unique in one regard. It uses cryptocurrency as a primary banking method. Users can wager with Bitcoin and other digital tokens. This has made Roobet a very popular online casino because of the anonymity that cryptocurrency can provide.

The casino is licensed in Curacao, a home to many online casinos, and it serves various regions of the world. But if you find yourself located in the US, UK, or some other European locations, you will encounter the above banner when you try to access the Roobet site.

This is a bummer, but there can be a way around it. If you can find the best VPN for Roobet, it may be possible to bypass the geographical block.

Roobet offers many of the most popular casino games that can be found in live casinos. These include slot machines, table games like craps, and video poker.

Roobet and VPN Use – Can You Use a VPN to Play?

The answer is…maybe. Roobet has implemented measures to restrict and block certain VPN servers. This is why finding a VPN for Roobet can be challenging. But if you stick with the most reputable providers for VPN services you should be able to gain access to the website with no difficulties.

Why would Roobet be blocked in some parts of the world in the first place? The answer is in the licensing agreement. Roobet is only licensed to operate in certain countries. In the US, for example, many states have not moved to legalize online casinos. Therefore, the casino blocks residents from the entire country.

The fact that Roobet accepts cryptocurrency as a form of deposit is another reason that some countries have restricted the casino. Many countries are not comfortable with the unregulated nature of cryptocurrency.

Getting Around the Roobet VPN Block

The bottom line is that most premium VPN providers will work with Roobet. The less-reputable services are the ones that will generally encounter a problem. The reason for this is that many so-called “free” VPN services are prone to leaks and other security flaws that can expose your real location to the online casino. When this happens, you will be blocked.

You can also try things like a dedicated IP address or obfuscated servers that will hide your VPN use. With these measures you should be able to have your access to the Roobet site restored.

The Best Roobet VPN – Things to Look For

In our opinion, offers one of the best VPN options for Roobet. Rather than rate other VPN providers in comparison to our own service, we want to focus on the things that make for a good choice when it comes to a VPN for Roobet.

First, we have many VPN server locations throughout the world. You are more likely to find a suitable option for Roobet when you have access to more servers. Our speed is also suitable for streaming the online casino games that you will want to play.

These two things alone are qualities that are lacking in many free VPNs. We also do not log the activity of our VPN customers. We also do not sell any data to advertising companies. What you choose to do with your VPN is largely up to you.

Just because you have to pay for VPN service doesn’t mean that it should cost you a large amount of money. Our plans are affordable, and you can save even more money when you pay for your service annually.

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