Bebo & Accessing Bebo When Blocked

unblock-beboCreated in January 2005, Bebo is a fairly large social networking site. AOL recently acquired it with future plans for it’s lofty member base. Bebo can be accessed on mobile phones and PDA’s as well as be linked to instant messengers. Key Bebo elements and specifics are discussed in more detail below.

Bebo has some pretty cool features, but in comparison to social networking leaders like Facebook and Myspace it ranks slightly lower than their chart topping success. However, all core features of Bebo allow for the same customization and individuality as the more successful and popular networks like Myspace. Now that AOL has acquired Bebo, the sky is the limit. AOL has a gargantuan spending budget allowing them to expand and improve any project to a state of efficacious glory. With millions of already active Bebo members this will not be a difficult task.

Bebo authors allows writers of every type to upload their content and have it reviewed by other Bebo users via an online site module. This can prove usefull to up and coming writers who have to work in different locations, turn in writing assignments, and receive constructive feedback while fitting these submissions into their teachers schedule. Other Bebo users can comment on flaws and strong points within literary works to further their improvement. This is a highly beneficial learning tool that has worked out nicely for Bebo.

Bebo Groups allow people with similar interests to join a group and stay updated on the various progress within it. This feature is useful for members who do not want to clutter up their main page with content too large to fit alongside other information. The group feature has proven to be a successful site addition with continual growth potential.

The Bebo Mobile feature allows members to update their profile, upload pictures, and receive text messages from the site via their mobile phone. This feature has not been extensively developed, but neither has this genre as a whole. Mobile phone integration has just not reached its prime. This is not the fault of Bebo or the mobile phone developers, but an issue of technological evolution. Evolution into complete integration is within the foreseeable future. Progress is being made to make elaborate mobile to internet collaboration a perfect science.

Bebo Instant Messaging integration allows for the addition of AOL Instant Messenger, Skype, and Windows Live Messenger user names to Bebo profiles. This coupling between Bebo and popular instant messaging programs make chatting and adding instant messaging friends quicker and easier.

The Bebo Open Media Platform allows professional content creators and the media industry to distribute their content offerings to the Bebo membership base and be confident in the power of advertising to the million of active members. A large and highly active social networking membership base is an extremely valuable thing. Just ask AOL, they recently purchased Bebo for a whopping 850,000,000 dollars.

Some countries do not allow access to social networking sites like Bebo because of censorship regulations. The future may hold a different outcome, but for now these sites are not allowed to be accessed within certain areas.

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