What is an Anonymous VPN Service?

Literally millions of people are using an anonymous VPN service to protect their privacy online. The definition of a truly anonymous VPN is a bit confusing however, and some VPN providers may not be as anonymous as they lead their clients to believe.

It seems like every day that some high profile case is showing up in the newspapers about someone getting burned that thought they were surfing the Internet anonymously. We think that most Internet users are savvy enough these days to know that their Internet traffic is subject to being monitored and logged and so they are turning to a VPN to prevent snooping. The problem is that VPN’s have become so popular it is hard to know which ones are trustworthy.

The question of logs

Something anyone considering an anonymous VPN service should investigate is the logging policy of the provider. Logs of Internet activity can be used to match an IP address and a time stamp to a specific user of a service. Those logs can then be requested by certain agencies. It benefits the VPN user to know exactly what information is logged by their service and how long that information is retained. VPN-accounts.com does not log the traffic or activity of its users. Again, we do not log traffic nor session data of any kind, period.

Furthermore, a user might also want to know which jurisdiction their VPN provider operates in. Some jurisdictions have mandatory data retention laws that compel providers to log activity and maintain those logs for a specific period of time. Some locations, such as the US, do not have require mandatory data retention.

VPNaccounts.com certainly scrutinizes any and all legal information requests. However, since we do not retain traffic or session data we are unable to provide this information a third party. It is simple. You can’t provide what you don’t have.

Hallmark of Anonymous VPN Service

One common bond of VPN services is the ability to mask or conceal your IP address by replacing it with an IP address associated with the VPN server. This not only enables a certain level of anonymity but also serves the purpose of allowing a user to access webs services that may be restricted in certain regions of the world. VPNaccounts.com uses a variety of servers in different locations to provide enough options to cover anyone that needs VPN service. Here you can see the VPN plans to buy..

Masking a user’s genuine IP address, however, is only a part of the process of creating anonymity. The use of encryption to scramble data and make it indecipherable to anyone snooping is the other part of the process.

All of this is what makes a VPN work—the hallmark, if you will—but it can be easily defeated when a VPN provider keeps logs or even sells some data information to marketing companies. This has been a specific problem with many web-based proxies that advertise themselves as a means of browsing anonymously. The fact is that they are often not as anonymous as advertised and some of them are now being actively blocked in some areas.

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