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I am currently living in China, and ever since I moved here I have been having problems with my internet and I have been unable to access blocked websites.

I know back home in the US we have freedom of speech and the government or Internet Service Providers (ISP) cannot or are not allowed to prevent us from accessing certain blocked websites. Off course there was the issue with but who knows what will happened there!   Unlike the US, here in China (Beijing …etc) and in some other places like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Oman, Ethiopia ..etc you cannot access blocked websites like YouTube, SKYPE, Twitter, Facebook, anything with adult content , some dating sites and sometimes even gmail and hotmail.   The more a website is blocked the more you want to access blocked website!

With that in mind I have been scouring the internet to find an easy solution to enable me to access blocked websites. There are options of using an Anonymiser or even typing the IP address instead of URL. Also found a solution involving google cache and google translate but the simplest and most stress free solution was a Virtual Private Network or a VPN to access blocked websites.

So to save you the research, here is what I found.

A VPNaccount uses VPN technology creating an encrypted tunnel between the user (me) and a server. Once the user (me) has connected to the server, the user receives a new IP address. This IP address is then used for all Internet communications (giving you access to blocked websites) until the user disconnects from the server. Both incoming and outgoing Internet traffic will be directed through this tunnel and is protected with a Secure Encrypted Connection.

Since I wanted to access blocked websites from the USA, I chose to USA VPN. This provided me with a US IP address enabling me to access websites available to anyone residing in the USA.  Hello Facebook!

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