Australia, the land down under, is considering upping their countries Internet censorship laws with great force.  Online racism, which has been looked at on the Web for a great many years, is now under more intense scrutiny.  A country wide Internet "filter" has been developed as a possible solution to the racial bigotry that's all too common on the Internet today.  Australia, like any other country, is fully aware of the implications racism has on their society and the world as a whole. 


In an effort to get the ball rolling, a possible option would be to give the Australian Human Rights Commission the right to force ISP's to block racially questionable content from view. Allowing racially motivated groups to operate on the Internet without the threat of legal action contributes to the dangers already present on the Internet today.  Australia has rock solid racism laws already in place throughout their country, having nothing to do with the Internet.  Attempting to further racism laws through electronic means is a violation of free speech laws, some Internet patrons claim.  The Australian government tends to disagree with that statement and feels that anything racially incited can only cause fear, panic, and harm to an already delicate social balance.  Allowing racially motivated groups to operate through the Australian Internet networks carries the same dangers as real world events.


Chinese style, highly authoritative censorship laws and Internet governing structure may soon be on the way for Australian Internet Censorship.  It's completely understandable too, as any completely free method of communication is going to be wide open to the damaging effects of hate crimes, racism, and illegally organized get togethers.  What does this mean for mainstream Australian Netizens?  Probably not much for the average, peaceful Internet consumer.  But for hate groups, anarchistic networks, and people with a complete disregard for the already in place racism laws, it could mean deep trouble. 


Because their will actually be laws in place forbidding Web site owners to publish racist content from within the country, the penalties for breaking the law will include prison time.  How long the sentences will be, is up to the Internet regulations that get passed.  Australia is making the right decision when it comes to cracking down on senseless crime and racism groups.  Basing a life around racism is a flawed way of existence and shouldn't be tolerated in any way shape or form.  Passing Internet based laws is just one more way of eliminating the possibility for senseless hatred and oppression to exist in the first place. 


Online news Web sites operating out of Australia won't be able to launch any news release based on racist material duee to Australian Internet Censorship in the making.  The Australian government feels that this type of news has no business being reported to the general public, it just doesn't serve the country a positive and beneficial purpose.  Any comments made or news releases on the Internet involving racial comments made by subscribers will also be prohibited.


When things get ugly and Australian Internet Censorship encapsulates sites other that what is initially planned, drop by and sign up to use our services and bypass the Australian Internet Censorship!  


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