Anonymous surfing using VPN

Using our VPN services you can surf the internet anonymously via our servers. Without it, your real IP address can be logged and your location revealed. Using the VPN service, the server IP is revealed and you remain anonymous on the web!


All your web traffic is routed via a server that you are assigned as a user and acts as a middle man. The server (Proxy server) retrieves all the information you request from the web. If you don't use our secure proxy servers, as you surf the internet your computer is letting other computers / servers on the internet log information about you. Such as you IP address and web browser information.


Anonymous surfing is about hiding all this information from other computers / servers. There are "proxy sites" online that allow you to browse the internet anonymously but are frequently blocked and do not work with web applications like Skype, messenger etc


Use our service to be anonymous online while accessing blocked sites, playing online games, watching online videos etc. Anonymous VPN surfing also provides you access to adult sites that may otherwise be blocked depending on the country you are in such as China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman etc.


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